2017 Christmas Parade Application

Cypress Pointe Hospital is proud to present the Rotary Club of Hammond's 59th Annual Christmas Parade, Saturday, December 2, 2017, starting at 5:00pm.
This year's theme: "Cypress Tree O’ Cypress Tree"

You can use the below form to submit your parade application.

SCRIPT (50 words or less), INSURANCE, INDEMNIFICATION and DRIVER’S LICENSE are due with application. For all vehicles participating – including those pulling floats – the application must include a copy of the vehicle insurance and driver’s license of person driving in the parade PRIOR to the parade, or the vehicle can’t participate. Every person participating in the parade – whether driving or riding – must sign an Indemnification Agreement.

You can scan and attach copies of the script, license, proof of insurance, and Indemnification Agreement below.


Make checks payable to: Hammond Rotary Club Inc.

Any questions and all applications and paperwork should be delivered to the City of Hammond:
Alma Mitchell
Phone: 985-277-5601
Fax: 985-277-5602

By mail:
City of Hammond
PO Box 2788
Hammond, LA 70404

In person:
City Hall
310 East Charles Street
Hammond, LA 70401

  • You MUST include a typed paragraph about your business/organization as a script, of no more than 50 words, to be read by the media. Submit scripts by email to Mitchell_AP@hammond.org
  • A list of all riders/walkers must be submitted with all other information required to participate in the parade.
  • The Indemnification Agreement must be signed by the driver/in-charge person and turned in with the application. It is the driver’s responsibility to have all riders/walkers execute an Indemnification Agreement which will be collected the day of the parade. If a rider/walker does not have an Indemnification Agreement he/she will not be able to ride.
  • There can be NO OTHER SANTA in the parade other than the Rotary Club of Hammond’s Santa!!!


Parade rules, regulations, route and judging information are available at www.hammondrotary.com
Lineup will be determined by the return date of application.

If you do not wish to submit online, your Script, Application, Indemnification Agreements, Proof of Insurance and Driver's License may be mailed to City of Hammond, P.O. Box 2788, Hammond, LA 70404, or emailed to Alma Mitchell at Mitchell_AP@hammond.org.

You can find copies of these forms to download HERE.

You can view parade rules, regulations, route and judging information HERE.

Thank you for your support!